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Mother | Lover | Musician was founded in 2015 by Melissa Larsen, formerly Melissa Seek. Melissa is a vivacious people person by definition. The website aims to talk about real issues in daily life, spread love and positivity and share the wealth of information I have gathered during my adventurous life.


As a child, Melissa moved around a lot from California to Boston Metro. She settled in Southwest New Mexico around the age of 10.  Melissa attended Cliff High School through 11th grade, and graduated from Socorro High School in 2007. Melissa has her Associate of Arts in Pharmacy Technology, and a surplus of credits toward a Bachelors degree most of which were obtained at Eastern New Mexico University.


I am a proud, semi-crunchy mom of 2 stunning daughters, Claire and Aria. They are 8&6 (20 months apart.)


A child of a rough upbringing, I was often left to play the role of mother to my younger siblings. Since I can remember, I have changed diapers, and cooked and cleaned for my younger siblings. When I became a mother in 2012, I knew what I was getting myself into thoroughly, but having a baby of my own made me realize that as much as I had done for my siblings, there was a lot I didn't know.


My girls were born all natural, by choice, and although I choose to vaccinate my kids, I am VERY conscious of what medicines we give them and try to take as much a hands off approach to illness and such. I believe in peaceful, simplicity parenting and I will always be an open book to my children.


The most important thing I've learned as a mother is that what works for one doesn't always work for the other. We need to be supportive of all the mothers we encounter on our life's journey and help each other out along the way!


The idea that everyone is a lover is very important to me.  We are all so in dire need of love, and we all so desperately seek to give love. I have a deep, profound love for all of humanity, and I believe that most people are innately good.


Mother | Lover | Musician blog and products offer the beauty in the abundance of love in every corner of your life, your job, your home, and the world we live in.


One of 9 siblings, I have always been motivated to move an audience. I have the ability to tell a story and make it interesting.  


A supervisor once told me that I have a circle of influence, and that I should capitalize on that for sales.  The interaction really made me think about what could I, Melissa, a little ole Sagittarius girl from Southwest New Mexico, use my influence for?  I knew it wasn't going to be to make sales, it was going to be to make the world a better place! 


Welcome to Mother | Lover | Musician, where everything is delightfully curious!


Every single person on this Earth is deserves to give and receive love in abundance.

Melissa, Owner

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