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5 Movies That Changed My Life

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

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5 Movies That Changed My Life

I've never been much of a television or "screen" person. Ask anyone who knows me, I just don't make a lot of time for TV, movies, or otherwise. I'll do a computer, though! I've been coding and creating graphics since I was a kid!

For me to recommend a movie or 5, says a LOT about the movie since I don't really fuss with movies and TV. These all have great cinematography, costumes, acting, the works.

Don't get me started on continuity, bad acting, and some of the reasons I just can't do movies and TV!

Starting in reverse order with my least favorite of my choices; I will end on my most favorite on the list, and arguably the most graphic as well.

I'm a fairly tolerant person when it comes to stories, and I'm NOT a fan of over sexualized or extreme emphasis on violence. I just don't see the need for it and I believe that those aspects of current pop culture are not good for people's psyche! I can't explain it, but the soundtrack is part of the magic for me. I would rather have a good soundtrack in a movie than A-List Actors.

Here are 5 movies that I think everyone needs to watch at least once

Coming in at #5 is Final Destination, (IMDB) the movie about college age kids having premonitions about their demise. It was one of the first R rated movies my parents let me watch and I was scared to death of everything after that. It made a great impact on me as a consumer of video and as a worrywart, LOL!

As I grew older, the movie definitely takes on a "teen movie" vibe, but when I set down to make this post, the movie wouldn't get out of my mind! The movie has a lot of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and of course satisfies the part of us that wants to see the premonitions play out. The subsequent Final Destination films didn't make nearly the same impression on me. I think it's just that I grew up?

Can you cheat death?


The only reason I know about #4, Crash, (IMDB) is that we watched in class. (It's been a LONG time since I was in high school, so I don't remember which class it was!) I found it so magical how the movie ended! It was so profound, and in my opinion really makes you think, a lot, about your impact as an individual in the world.

I grew up in a dominantly white small town in rural New Mexico. I wasn't exposed to many races in my area besides Tribal and Hispanic, well, and of course white. I hadn't fully considered the race wars and racial tensions of my generation. It was a classic case of "small town blinders" opened by a bit of popular culture. I am glad I saw the movie, and I recommend that you see it too!

Live your life at the point of impact.


The #3 spot in movies that changed my life is My First Mister. (IMDB) The shock value alone on the movie was what initially got my attention, but in the end the story is a great "coming of age" tale with a love story or two thrown in there. And I LOVE love!

A misfit goth girl finds an unlikely job, and an unlikely friend. She ends up going on an unexpected journey and returns with a new perspective, a new outlook on life, and lessons learned. One of my favorite quotes OF ALL TIME comes from this movie.

Another great scene from this movie is where she takes a total straight arrow man to a trashy goth dive coffee shop. An unlikely comparison is made to the classic story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Mismatched. Misguided. Unmistakably friends.


Runner up, #2 in the top movies that changed my life is The Legend of 1900 (IMDB). Of all the movies on the list, this is my go-to movie gift. This is one that makes you laugh, and makes you cry. The storytelling is phenomenal, it's almost like a fairytale!

A baby boy, abandoned on a steam boat in the year 1900. The baby's full name was Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred. The whole thing is poetry, where "Danny" a stoker on the boat finds 1900, raises the boy, and teaches 1900 life lessons. 1900 became a musical celebrity and crossed the ocean, back and forth making new friends and amazing music along the way.

I won't give away the plot, but this movie is a MUST WATCH for anyone who likes music, and old timey movies!

An epic story of a man who could do anything... except be ordinary.



My all time #1 favorite life-changing movie is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. SURPRISE! It's yet another music movie. This is also another story about love, with some alternative players in gender, sexuality and lifestyle ideals. This is one of those movies that I share with friends I'd like to get closer to, but still need to learn about who they are, on a fundamental level. If you can't watch this movie, we can't be friends.

The movie starts out in Berlin, where a young Hansel falls in love with an American GI and undergoes gender reassignment surgery to marry and flee to America.

No good story ever goes as planned, and Hedwig ends up touring the United States in her iconic rock band, playing at family diners along the way. There is a connection to another musician that Hedwig band's tour is coinciding with, that is Tommy Gnosis.

The music is spot on, the message is an amazing message, and the love story is powerful, boundary crossing, and super thought-provoking.

An anatomically incorrect rock odyssey


Have you seen any of these movies? I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee if you've seen all 5!

Are there any movies that really impacted your perspective, or that you have to make sure all your friends watch?

What are your thoughts on movies in general? Send me a few titles, I'd love to watch some new movies, when time permits.

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