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Hard to Shop for Gifts

You know those people on your list that are hard to buy for? Those instances where cash is inappropriate, (I will never EVER be offended by a cash gift, EVER,) or for someone that has everything? I have the solution for you. There is a Club of the Month for everyone.

This site contains affiliate links to my favorite products. Not all links are affiliate links, but many are. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to my readers. For more information or to learn more please contact me.


I think monthly subscription boxes are a great gift idea! Clubs of America was one of the first to do it, and they started with craft beer! What I love most about this company is that they are a married couple in business. It excites me to see partners in action, especially romantic partners in business. Clubs of America has been doing business since 1994 with millions of monthly boxes sent out. With over 2 decades in business, they have to be doing something right! You had me at free shipping!

Beer of the Month Club

The Beer of the Month Club has maintained steady business since their launch in 1994. Each monthly box contains 12 x 12 fluid ounce or full size beer bottles. The recipient also receives a monthly newsletter with details of each beer. The Beer of the Month comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and a personalized gift note with every monthly delivery.

Consider this gift for those hard to buy for people, and those you KNOW love to try new beers!


Flowers of the Month Club

Send yourself or someone special a stunning, fragrant floral arrangement with every new month. Each month

is themed and curated for the most

divine bouquet to compliment your

home or office. The flowers arrive fresh, and with a monthly newsletter with facts

and information about the

flowers they received.

This gift is great for someone special who is captivated by flowers and nature!


Chocolate of the Month Club

Indulge in a generous box of gourmet chocolates made by choice confectioners with the Chocolate of the Month subscription. Each month you will receive 1 LB of premium chocolates that are hand dipped in small batches.

The box is shipped in styrofoam so even warmer climates can safely receive this club box.

Chocolate of the month is a good choice for that special someone with a sweet tooth!


Pizza of the Month Club

Have 3 large Deep-Dish Chicago style pizzas delivered per month! Clubs of America pizzas are sourced from a Chicago style pizzeria that has been in business for 47 years! You know you are in an elite club for pizza like that!

Online meal services are all the rage these days, I for one, have tried a few of them.

This is a good option for college students and anyone who loves pizza!


Wine of the Month Club

Clubs of America has really outdone themselves with the wine of the month club boxes. They use small, award winning wineries to fulfill each monthly box. In each shipment, you will receive 3 full-size bottles of robust, well-aged wines, including international selections. Each shipment also comes with a satisfaction guarantee and free shipping!

Surprise the wine lover in your life with a monthly curated box of international wines!


Coffee of the Month Club

I can't be the only one here that isn't coffee obsessed! I drink coffee every singe day, and some days, I drink it ALL DAY! You will be delighted every month when 2x 12 ounce bags of fresh ground or whole bean coffee arrive. The gourmet selection from Clubs of America are guaranteed to satisfy.

In lieu of coffee shop gift cards, give the ones you love gourmet coffee at home!


Fruit of the Month Club

Your person will rejoice when they receive 5 pounds of only the freshest traditional and exotic fruits each month!

Clubs of America's Fruit of the Month Club features hand picked, mouth-watering seasonal fruits from a select few orchards.

Send a unique gift that tantalizes the senses!

The Fruit of the Month club is a great gift option for food lovers, bakers and people who enjoy fruit!


Cigar of the Month Club

The Cigar of the Month Club sends you 5 premium, aromatic cigars with every shipment. Your person will receive a newsletter with the details of their cigars- rolled with rare tobaccos from select countries. The first shipment comes with a free cigar cutter so anyone can enjoy!

Cigar of the month is sure to please the hardest to buy for!


Mix it Up!

If you are like me and can't decide which Club of America you should join, you're in good shape, you can customize your clubs. Are you interested in sending flowers one month but chocolates the next to that special someone?

Not to worry, with Clubs of America YOU can curate the experience for your loved ones. I would do it like this: coffee in January, chocolates in February, cigars in March (for St. Patty's Day), wine in April, flowers in May, pizza in June, fruit in May, beer in June! And So on. It would be a lot of fun to think about each month and the significance to that special someone.

Clubs of America has a Club of the Month gift for any occasion:

  • Graduations

  • Birthdays

  • Retirement

  • Anniversary

  • Sweet Teen / Coming of Age

  • College Students

  • Special Occasions

  • Condolences

  • Weddings

  • Baby Showers

What other people would this be a good gift for? Tell me in the comments? Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with getting this for yourself! I like to keep fresh flowers in the house when I can, and I would really enjoy a gift like that!


This site contains affiliate links to my favorite products. Not all links are affiliate links, but many are. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to my readers. For more information or to learn more please contact me.

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