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SBS: Dragon Glass Resin Art

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Welcome to the first installment of Small Business Spotlight!

I am proud to introduce Anita Myers of Dragon Glass Resin Art! Give her Facebook page a like!

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I went to school with a lovely woman who walked to the beat of her own drum.

She did things her way, and I always admired her creativity. We were both into theater, and art, but I was more of a band nerd.

Since launching Mother:LoverMusician I became aware of her small business Dragon Glass Resin Art. I admire peers who create and I really admire her business model.

Here is an excerpt from her welcome post, which you can see below:

"Each piece we create is 100% unique. The methods we use to create our works are impromptu, unplanned; we believe that’s the best way to preserve the whimsy.

We cannot guarantee an exact replica of reproduced pieces, simply because of the nature by which they were created. But, if there is a piece you absolutely love but we no longer have in stock, we will do our best to recreate it!"

Here is the original post:

I adore the one of a kind mentality. The best art does in my opinion come as is comes and without reason or planning.

Art by its very nature is the epitome of self expression. I don't think that there will ever be too many artists in the world. No two musicians sing a song just the same as no two painters will ever paint the same portrait.

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Anita Myers of Mule Creek, New Mexico has been interested in Art her whole life;

She has been experimenting with multiple mediums since she was 10. Anita has a degree in graphic design from Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, Arizona. Out of high school she did mural work and small consignment work in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Her mom and her used to make jewelry together when she was a kid; she also had a small business that she sold her artwork and craft creations through, so she taught Anita everything she knows!

Resin was actually something Myers and her daughter, Lorelai, got into this last Christmas; Santa brought her a resin jewelry kit, and they became glued instantly. They started experimenting and it really became a medium she loves.

There's a lot of versatility and endless possibilities when it comes to making whimsical, unique works. From jewelry Anita hopes to grow and move on to bigger pieces like furniture and personalized household trinkets like cutting boards, keepsake boxes, wine bottle racks, just to name a few.

I certainly have a few ideas of custom resin pieces.

Thank you so much for reading and Congratulations, Anita!!

If you have a submission for Small Business Spotlight, or would like to be featured in Small Business Spotlight on Mother:Lover:Musician, please reach out!

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