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Think Before You H2Throw!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

why you should consider alternatives to disposable water bottles.
why you should consider alternatives

Think Before You H2Throw

by Melissa Seek

A staggering majority of people rely solely on disposable water bottles. The convenience of portability comes at a grave environmental cost.

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When the energy, water, oil, and carbon emissions it takes to make water bottles is compounded with the risk to wildlife, overall plastic pollution, and they take hundreds of years to decompose, how are we still wildly throwing plastic all over the place?

I came across a thread on Reddit the other day that 22 million gallons of water trapped inside water bottles is thrown into US landfills every year. How does this not freak people out? It breaks my heart to think of all the water trapped in bottles. Can you simply vow to always remove the lid before you throw water bottles away? Fill out this form pledging to take the lids off your bottles for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to my online store!

After further research, that number is flawed. I do think that there is a fair amount of water left over after crushing, leaking etc., sadly trapped inside the bottle.

There are so many great alternatives to store-bought single serving water bottles.

Between the costs to create, injuries to marine life, and the inevitable pollution that comes from water bottle waste, it’s important that we consider alternatives. We also need to consider the convenience factor.

What can we do as individuals to alleviate this issue?

We have to consider the convenience, affordability, and impact of the alternatives available to us.

1.) Reusable water bottles - this is by far the most cost effective, simplest way to reduce your plastic waste. Here are a few of my favorites. Refill with tap water (where safe) and reuse!

Don’t forget to wash your water bottles regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.

2.) In some communities, tap water is simply not an option. Where necessary, you can buy purified water in bulk. Many cities have services that will deliver 5 gallon water bottles to your home! Most grocery store chains also offer self service options where you can fill your own 5 gallon bottles. You will need to invest in a dispenser for your bottles, like this or this. I grew up with one of these.

3.) Reverse Osmosis water systems are an investment when getting started, requiring you to purchase either a countertop filtration system or an under sink system, they vary in price, but do provide great savings on purified water purchases.

Who else doesn't want to waste so much? Tell me in the comments!


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