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What's the Deal w/ the Third Stimulus?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

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First of all, the fact that we are even talking about a stimulus is insane to me. Remember when Andrew Yang, a contender for US President in 2020, blew our minds with a universal income? What happened to him?

I'm all for some guaranteed money, but my main concerns with it are, what is the cost; and where is the money coming from?

"We all thought the moment Joe Biden took office, a new stimulus check would magically appear in our bank accounts. Unfortunately, that was not the case!"

We all thought the moment Joe Biden took office, a new stimulus check would magically appear in our bank accounts. Unfortunately, that was not the case!

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First Stimulus

In March of 2020, we were all blessed with a first round of stimulus checks amongst the chaos of lockdowns, shutdowns, and record-high unemployment. Each adult would receive a $1,200 direct deposit and for each child $500. A married couple with 2 children would receive $3,400, if they filed jointly. There were some income rules and restrictions, however

Yet, many Americans were ineligible or for some reason did not receive the money they so desperately needed.


Second Stimulus

The second stimulus was not as nearly as impactful as the last, with $600 for both children and adult.

A married couple with 2 children received $2,400 if they filed jointly.

At this point, adults have received $1,800 apiece, and children, $1,200 each. That married filing jointly family of 4? Well they have received $5,800 in additional funds in the course

Let's not forget how many people were simply ineligible or didn't receive the money they should have gotten.

There were some issues with Tax Preparation Services regarding banking practices. It all makes sense how things got a little chaotic. We are all doing all of this for the first time. It's a reminder that the politicians and tax preparers and government distribution workers are all human. None of us have done things like this before!! Citizens, military, you name it, we have never done any of this before; and definitely not to this scale.

I refuse to get into the political climate of the stimulus money that has helped so many struggling Americans, but the voting and the house and the Democrats and the Republicans are all things that come into play.

It makes me really sad that partisan agendas take up valuable time that we could have gotten the money to the families that much sooner. Like are you a Patriot? What does America stand for, anymore?


Third Stimulus

Here we are, waiting for the third stimulus. The quiet buzz amongst all our friends, "what bills are you paying with your stimulus?"

Anyone who has been affected by the school closures and modified business hours, etc desperately needs all the extra money they can get.

There are supposedly going to be new income guidelines. I've always found "income guidelines" ridiculous. Who actually decides that these numbers are accurate? I dare a six-figure earnings politician to live a $50,000 earnings life for a year and tell me they make enough to get by.

The latest news on the third stimulus looks like we may receive deposits as early as middle of March 2021.

Personally, my family has been teetering on the edge.

My husband has been self employed for several years now doing this or that, but all of his business needs involve being in people's homes or offices, or in close contact with individuals. He has been at home more than usual because childcare amid the coronavirus pandemic just didn't make sense.

It fell on me and my car sales job to make ends meet. Sales have been really bad the last few months and we had to make a change. A few extra thousand dollars could really help us get on top of some things.

Now I'm not complaining, I really am blessed. We have a warm home with plenty of food in the cupboards, we both are healthy and able to work, and the kids are doing great in school despite the virtual learning and hybrid schedule.

Many other families face chronic joblessness, without unemployment benefits. The jobs that are available are typically not the safest if you have a compromised immune system or live with someone who does.

My car sales job, for example, was not the safest environment. Thankfully, those I love and care about the most have stayed healthy!!

I plan to spend a portion of my stimulus money buying from a local vendor. I can't wait to show you what her and I are working on!

What local business do you plan to support with your stimulus check?

Are there any essential bills or items that you will catch up with?

I'm curious how my friends and family are holding up! Comment below, I can find ways to help those of you who need it the most. Reach out if you need help!

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